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As many of you know for years now we have been saying we were going to undertake the task of recreating the Bail Bond Laws section of the site.

While we may not have completed this yet we are more than half way through with the updates to the layout. Then comes the job of updating all the potential law modification for each state.
Below is the new current structure for each state.

New Bail Bond Laws Structure

  1. Bail bond laws state statutes:
  2. Licensing requirements for Bail agents:
  3. Bail agent’s arrest authority.
  4. Bounty hunter (fugitive apprehension) provisions:
  5. Links to State and Local Authorities:
      State Government Website
      Department of Insurance
      State Courts

We have removed a few sections in order to help not only keep the information concise, but also to eliminate information that is not applicable to this website. Plus we added a section – to provide links to other websites that provide quality information.

No More Copy-Cats

Additionally, we know that several websites on the “Net” have copied the previous information verbatim and placed it within their websites. This weakens the search engine strength of the websites due to ‘duplicate content.’ Shame on them. 😉

With this new layout and the updated content – we should be able to provide correct, accurate and relevant bail bond law information to our visitors.

Suggest Updates to the Bail Bond Laws

Further, we have provide an option to assist us in maintaining the accuracy by submitting suggestions directly to us via the “Suggest Correction” link at the top of the page. This provides a form that matches the above layout in order to supply the correct information.

News & Updates

We also have provided this area “News & Updates” to supply information to our readers on information that is in the current media, upcoming decisions, and other potential details on laws that effect the bail industry.

This can be extremely helpful to helping our visitors keep apprised of important legislation, as well as, other news and events.

If anyone is interested in contributing to this section – You are most welcome to share your knowledge.

Rules & Guidelines for contributions:

    1. Post must be unique.
    2. Post must be at least 500 words.
    3. Adult content & links are not allowed.
    4. Only 1 link is allowed in the article body.
    5. Please attach a picture with the post if possible.

If you are agreed to these terms and conditions and you wish to participate, you can send us your article for review: articles _at_ fugitiverecovery _dot_ com.

Getting closer to completion…

When we complete the bail bond laws section – we will make another post as well as in the Forums to make everyone to become aware of the changes. It shouldn’t be but a few more days until the launch!

  1. I like the look so far… Should be nice when it is done!