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FRN Agency ID # 3722
Contact Name:

Will Fix

5708 Jana Ln, HixsonTN   37343
CONNECT: email  website facebook google
Agency Type: Recovery
State Lic # TN
Certifications/Classes: Tennesse's requirement, and I was US Army.
Service Areas: I have gone as far west as Luisianna and as far south as Orlando and as Far East as the ocean and as far north as New York, I am a determined person, I can't quite once I start, it's kind of obsessive, I may not take your job, but I will look at it for ya, I use a lot of tools and people to accomplish my jobs.
I have been blessed to have been hired many times from this site, I am blessed to have a 100% success rate (so far) I have earned as much as $20,000.00, that was for the capture of "Ray Rendy" in the state of Florida, many other jobs ranging from $500 to the $20,000.00, and yes I was everything from blessed to lucky, I am thankful to have owned my own Bail Bond company for many years now, so long story short, I am glad to try and help you, I am a Christian and I do believe God helps me, after all he is the ultimate All seeing eye LOL ! , sometimes I'm Like (God you see him, just tell me where he is! ) LOL !

Beihl Beihl South Carolina DOR, FTA, Felony Bond Skipping and Interstate Flight to avoid prosecution . Just a wanna be computer guy, he is a real stupid person, he has admitted to being out of country, thats called "Interstate Flight to Avoid Prosecution" not to mention "Felony Bond skipping charges, the funniest part is his parents, they said plainly on the phone " haha I am not giving any information" so we are moving forward against them as well, thats our HAHAHA, its called "Aiding" a fugitive LOL! At Large


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