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FRN Agency ID # 3722
Contact Name:

Will Fix

5708 Jana Ln, HixsonTN   37343
CONNECT: email  website facebook google
Agency Type: Recovery
State Lic # TN
Certifications/Classes: Tennesse's requirement, and I was US Army.
Service Areas: I have gone as far west as Luisianna and as far south as Orlando and as Far East as the ocean and as far north as New York, I am a determined person, I can't quite once I start, it's kind of obsessive, I may not take your job, but I will look at it for ya, I use a lot of tools and people to accomplish my jobs.
I have been blessed to have been hired many times from this site, I am blessed to have a 100% success rate (so far) I have earned as much as $20,000.00, that was for the capture of "Ray Rendy" in the state of Florida, many other jobs ranging from $500 to the $20,000.00, and yes I was everything from blessed to lucky, I am thankful to have owned my own Bail Bond company for many years now, so long story short, I am glad to try and help you, I am a Christian and I do believe God helps me, after all he is the ultimate All seeing eye LOL ! , sometimes I'm Like (God you see him, just tell me where he is! ) LOL !

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