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FRN Email Address

Welcome to the latest feature supplied by Fugitive Recovery Network to members of the bail bond industry.  

You are able to now have a professional email address at which you can send & receive information or files with pride! Represent the industry that you are apart of and promote your business with style! No more unprofessional, personal email addresses with yahoo, google, hotmail, or aol.com You can get more than one account as well!

Give email accounts to each of your company employees. It is much easier knowing that all of your employees and friends in the industry have the same email group.

ONLY $10 per year!

All you have to do is click on the link above and complete the steps for payment. Send us your complete contact information and desired email address(es)!  Then within 24 hours you will have your new email account and password.

For Bail Bond companies, your email address may look like this
where as your personal email could look like this

Email accounts can be set up one of these methods:

  1. Forward to your present email address. (i.e. - all email sent to Yourname@FugitiveRecovery.com is forwarded to yourname@yahoo.com)

  2. POP3 account (i.e. - You set up your email program (Outlook, Eudora, etc.) to send and receive email through YourName@FugitiveRecovery.com.)

  3. NEW! - WebMail Access! - You can send and receive emails anywhere you have internet access! A Great Feature! This is beneficial for many, especially those who travel in this business and aren't always able to access their regular email account.
After payment has been received we will request information on how you would like your email set up.

Fugitive Recovery Network Email

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