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 Post subject: Word to remember: Integrity
 Post Posted: Sat 02 Sep 2017 08:55 
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Valuable lesson yesterday... the meaning of the word..

I have been a licensed Virginia bondsman for over 17 years... during that time I have written thousands of bonds in south-side Virginia and a few areas around the state... I am not what you would refer to as a "big time or big city" bondsman... only an old country bondsman who probably writes fewer bonds than most of the big boys around Virginia... but having said that... there is one thing I strive for in my dealings with not only the public but "other bondsmen, male or female... that is honesty and moral compass... in a word, I strive to maintain "integrity" in my business dealings. I hope that those that know me "well" (for there are always those who tell tales and give opinions when they really have no idea what they are talking about... and know little of the subject or person for which they discuss...)

So... having said all that... here's my little lesson/story for the day...

Yesterday, I had occasion to get a call out of Piedmont Regional jail... on a bond for a former client of mine... cut to the chase... I called the jail, verified the amount and charge, made sure the paperwork was in order and the defendant was releasable... called the indemnitor (cosigner) on the bond and set the time to meet. All was in order... we agreed on 5pm since afternoon business in Piedmont is often slow so we wanted to do it when we would not take chance on sitting for a long period of time.

I drove to the jail, arriving at 5pm... walked into the jail and there stood the cosigner and another bondsman... yep... another bondsman...

Seeing another bondsman is no big deal... there are plenty to go around... I looked at the cosigner, verified that he was in fact the cosigner and told him I would let the records dept. know I was there and it shouldn't take but a few minutes.

He sheepishly looked at me and said... "Oh, we have already gotten him out... I meant to call you but did not have a cell phone handy"....

Now here’s the bottom line… this happens often in this business… other bondsmen are involved… people call around looking for the best deal… cost, time, etc… but when I talk to anyone, the question I always ask is… “have you talked to any other bondsmen?”… if the answer is no… I go forward with the bond… if the answer is yes… I ask what the status was on their involvement with that bondsman… I know what it is like to have a bond pulled out from under you and strive to make sure I don’t do it to another bondsman… but alas… life is not fair and it happens often, you get “snaked” by another bondsman.

I ask the other bondsman if he knew I was in the mix and he admitted that the cosigner had told him I was involved…

What he should have done, and what I always do, is make sure that the other bondsman has a chance to respond to the situation… either call or in some way make sure that he is notified of the circumstances… so he can change his plans or at least has a chance to respond to the situation.

Anyway, after the bondsman admitted to knowing I was involved and that he did not make an effort to talk to me prior to writing the bond… I ask his name, who he wrote for and then just turned and walked away… nothing would have been gained by confronting him further… he knew exactly what had happened.

… and that, as was said in that great movie with Al Pacino… “Scent of a Woman”… is the definition of “Integrity”… or the lack thereof…

Remember this... young businessmen, male or female, in any endeavor you might be involved in... your reputation, involving character and integrity is more important than all the money you may make over your career... because in the end... that is what matters and what you will be remembered by... good or bad.

Bill Marx, Sr.

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"Endeavor to Persevere" "Lone Watie"

"Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that , comes from bad judgment" "Will Rogers"

 Post subject: Re: Word to remember: Integrity
 Post Posted: Sat 02 Sep 2017 09:27 
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I am going to share this to a page that I frequent . . . I conduct my business in the same fashion as yourself . . . it is all about INTEGRITY


Do not consider anything for your interest which makes you break your word, quit your modesty, or inclines you to any practice which will not bear the light, or look the world in the face .... Marcus Antonius


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