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 Post subject: It didn't make the news, but it happened.
 Post Posted: Sat 07 Feb 2015 06:33 
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While out on bond, a gentleman was being sought by authorities for hitting and killing a man with a motor vehicle. The man left the scene and law enforcement officials were having difficulty locating him. Family members of the victim were on television complaining that the man should not have been out of jail on bond. They were blaming the bondsman, the courts , the judge , the sheriff and the DA for allowing this man to be bonded. While on the run, the suspect called his Pastor and threatened his life and the lives of may others. He also called the local television station, which they taped and aired. This case was getting out of hand very quickly in the media and the community was upset as well. The Sheriff of this county turned to the US Marshall Service for help in locating this man. The Marshall service thought he was in South Carolina.

The community was turning up the heat on the bonding company, Judge, Sheriff and DA. The suspect was thought to be mentally ill and many were afraid for their lives.

The Marshall service called a Bondsman in hopes of getting information on the suspects whereabouts. Within a week the suspect was in custody in a Florida jail. According to the news reports including local and national television the suspect was captured by the US Marshall service. To this day, the community is upset with the bonding company for bonding this person out. What they don't know is, if not for this Bondsman, who had nothing to do with the bonding of this suspect, the Marshall Service may still be looking in South Carolina for this man.

The Sheriff held a news conference, the community was now in support of their Sheriff and politically everything has smoothed out.

You won't find anything in the media where a Bondsman had spent his own time and money to locate this suspect., but he did.

Another positive story about our industry.


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