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Anthony Greeno back in the news...
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Author:  Phill Cross [ Thu 23 Feb 2017 18:21 ]
Post subject:  Anthony Greeno back in the news...

Many members here already know about Greeno and his exploits - for those that don't you can do a simple search of the forums or google for more.

FRN Search: Greeno
Google Search: Anthony Greeno

Here is the latest:
http://www.wrdw.com/content/news/Realit ... 88833.html

They make a living capturing people wanted by the law. The popularity and interest in bounty hunters has spiked thanks to reality shows like "Dog the Bounty Hunter." Anthony Greeno is reality show and self-described star of a show you might not have heard of yet. He sounds convincing. He looks convincing. He hopes you think so too.

Kidnapping, robbery, and murder. They are dangerous, they are on the run, and they are wanted. Bounty hunters are known as recovery agents in Georgia and runners in South Carolina make a living off of capturing bad guys.
"So this is going to be a $50,000 bond and it's going to be a five grand pay out," Anthony Greeno says in cell phone he posted on Facebook. "We are in Augusta, Georgia. That's the Sheriff's Office," he says in the video.

We met Anthony Greeno through Jim Stachowiak. You might recognize Stachowiak from his many roadside protests in Columbia County. The two told us they were recovery agents or bounty hunters and they were looking for someone in Richmond County.

Agent Greeno, as he refers to himself, says his company Southern Bounty, is a chapter of the U.S. Fugitive Enforcement Team. He says he has made hundreds of arrests. "As a company, under my leadership we have made over five thousand. Personally I made 300-400," Greeno told us. "I've done some in South Carolina and Georgia. We go all over but mainly states with no licensing," he added.


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