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Author:  speezack [ Sun 22 Oct 2017 18:12 ]
Post subject:  NABBI ?

Any updates on NABBI??

I notice the website has not changed in over a year... same names, info, no new content...

Is anyone involved with the site anymore?

It appears that NABBI it about done... really too bad... it was a great idea but no one seemed to want to carry it forward...

After 5 "conventions"... all across the country... attempting to unite our industry... the core members, who attended and sponsored the organization with their money... flew all over the country trying to organize... we just sort of drifted apart and NABBI just faded away..................... curious... why is the site still up?

Oh, well....................... same ole... same ole........................

I will say, I am still in contact with the core members and will continue to remain in contact... this group is very professional and dedicated to the future of our industry... regardless of where our industry goes in the future... we will stick it out... I do have limited contact with each of you and you can contact me any time... I still have the same number... still in business... after almost 18 years... and at age 73... I am gonna hang in here till they plant me.............

As I have said on my profile................. we shall.......... "endeavor to persevere"

Author:  tsuggs [ Mon 23 Oct 2017 12:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: NABBI ?

Overall, the surety bail system is under attack across the country as part of the criminal justice reform movement by the same people behind Black Lives Matter, every White person is a racist, all conservatives are racist, all cops are racist, NFL players protest for social justice, yadda yadda yadda.

When you throw private surety bail in with the overall "change" movement going on, it is a war that I think we have already lost. I know we have written the fewest bonds ever so far this year. Other agents I know are in the same situation, including all the big corporate bail bond companies.

So, less bail written, very fewer skips. Less need for recovery agents.

Now I am one of a few that believe our days are numbered. My surety company believes bail will prevail.

Here in Commiefornia, the governor just signed a bill that will allow convicted felons that are still serving their jail sentences to be allowed to vote in state elections, while they are still in jail!. Don't seem like much of a big deal does it.

However, it is just another step in turning the criminal justice system upside down, where the convicts are now the victims.

The American Bail Association will hold its second annual one day conference next month in Las Vegas. Nov. 15 and 16th, 2017. If you have the means to attend you can get what I believe the best information about where bail is now and where it is headed in one day. Much better than PBUS and other 3 or 4 day conferences.

I'll be there and unless I am convinced that we have a better than not chance of surviving, it will be my last time attending.

I already am up to my eyebrows in a different line of work and can do that until I decide to sit on the porch and play with my dogs all day long.

Author:  tsuggs [ Wed 25 Oct 2017 18:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: NABBI ?

http://atlantablackstar.com/2017/10/24/ ... cash-bail/

Just one of many politicians calling for the end of bail in CA. And if will happen eventually.

I'm already planning my move out of this state and working a few more years in the investigation field and then retire and live off the Boss.

just a heads up, once CA goes, the rest of the country will follow very quickly. You young guys better have a plan B ready.

Author:  KARMA [ Fri 27 Oct 2017 14:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: NABBI ?

Hopefully California will succeed with their plan to secede from The Union . . . Bottom line folks need to getting out there and INFORMING the Voting Public about what Bail Reform means for them and their pocketbooks and what Bail Bonding / Bail Recovery does NOT do to their pocketbooks . . . Folks like their money and when it come sto just giving it away in the form of paying someone to do something that before cost them nothing . . . wait ! Wait . . . We are talking about California here. SO . . . The rest of us out here need to be talking about what is going on . . . I know that I have educated more than a couple over here in my area of the Country
Weasel ! You need to gather up your folks and come back to Middle Earth . . . JS

Author:  speezack [ Sun 29 Oct 2017 19:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: NABBI ?

The words are apathy and complacency.... no one gives a rats azz about this business... other than maybe the few of us that are truly professionals... us old school guys and gals that tried and failed to rally the troops with the NABBI thing.

NABBI was a wake up for me and for a lot of us... we gave it our all but it just wouldn't fly... due to a lot of things but mostly the words were apathy and complacency... a lack of carrying... I don't know about you and/or your territory, but where I am.... the bonding community here is a joke... I honestly do not know how many of these folks pass the tests to get licensed.

... and once they get licensed, it is a dog eat dog business.... back stabbing, undercutting, rebating... some of the most unethical business dealings I have ever seen... and it is rampant... across the board and the regulatory agencies that are supposed to oversee this industry have absolutely no teeth... nadda... their only interest is to maintain their agency and provide for themselves... all talk, no action... been watching and learning for years... I speak from experience...

I hate to be so negative but it is frankly... out of control and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

It seems to be the same with this country... no one cares about the overall picture... only themselves and what they can get for nothing...

"THE EASY WAY IS THE ONLY WAY"................. and that... is the bottom line.

I'm not particularly worried cause I'm 73 and won't be around to worry about it much longer but those under 50 or even 40 are gonna suffer drastically... and they have no one to blame but themselves. "Apathy and complacency"... is the name of the game....

Lock and load people... the wolf is at the door and if you're a sheep... you're about to get sheared...

One last bit of free advice.... be prepared for Nov. 4th.... I'm not convinced anything will actually happen but better safe than sorry... there is a lot of talk... we shall see if anything materializes... I personally am gonna start carrying my M4 with several loaded 30 round mags and my usual assortment of handguns... all legal and licensed but I'm not the one to worry about... be vigilant and keep your eyes and head on a swivel... :roll: :shock: :shock: 8)

Author:  KARMA [ Mon 30 Oct 2017 20:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: NABBI ?

Bill . . . I have been Licensed since 09/08/2000 . . . . I wrote my very 1st bond 09/11/2000 . . . That post you wrote about INTEGRITY . . . I shared it on a Closed Group and an Open Group on FB with you credited for the post . . . you and me . . . we are alike . . . those that have come and gone and will continue to come and go lack that quality. They come into this business thinking that they are gonna run us 'old timers' outta the way and get rich right quick . . . I sit back and then watch them write themselves right out of business . . . it does not take long . . . Bond Schedules here are small unless it is drug or sex related and then they take some time putting together so the Company will not lose.
I also serve papers to make up for what I do not write in Bail.
Times are thin right now but they have not been talking about Pre Trial here . . . The 80 $ mandatory Fee that we collect on every Bond written pays for a lot of things here in the State. When they whispered about starting Sheriff's Bonds I brought out the Attorney General Opinion from 2004 when they tried that crap . . . The County cannot be The Surety. But we are not "insurance" here, we are Self Surety so we will see how long we are able to hold out . . . I am getting too damned old to be looking for a job :'(

Author:  tsuggs [ Wed 01 Nov 2017 15:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: NABBI ?

With the exception of NY, NJ, CT and MD, the rest of the country in regards to bail, pretty much still has maintain its sanity. But, when CA goes many other states will follow as they still believe that the people out here are smart and know what they are doing.

This is one trend the rest of the country should NOT copy.

Its called, "Progessivism." Fundamentally changing the United States into a Utopian society. Or at least trying to.

Back to the criminals for a minute. Here is an example of how the state is "reforming the criminal justice system."

These are now NON VIOLENT CRIMES that state prisoners can get an early release if they behave in prison.

Rape of an unconscious person
Human trafficking involving sex acts with minors
Assault with a deadly weapon

So, if you commit any of the above and are a model prisoner, you can get out of prison early.

On the other hand, if you are a criminal and want to do easy time if you get caught, come to California!

Yup, CA has gone way over the deep end a long time ago.

I'm out of here as early as next year.

Author:  Mdbtyhtr [ Fri 17 Nov 2017 14:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: NABBI ?

We saw this coming years ago. When mentioned while speaking in other states, we were scoffed at. Can't be that way here, really? That is why I went back to school, to have a marketable degree as an old guy. I would love to have some of the money spent on lobbyists over the years that did nothing for our industry, but I don't want to become bitter thinking about it. The hardest part is those that need to replace a bail related income, as there are few jobs that come even close to that income.

Warmest Regards to all,


Author:  tsuggs [ Sun 03 Dec 2017 09:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: NABBI ?

I got back from the American Bail Coalition meeting in Vegas last night. It was a one day conference on Thursday, updating agents and surety companies on the current state of bail reform across the U.S.

ABC is a coalition of 7 bail surety companies, that over the years were advocates at the state and national level for bail. They have now opened their membership to individuals.

The are not in competition with PBUS or any state association. Although some may think they are.

There were attendees from CA, NM, NY, NJ, Ct, KS, TX, AR, WV, IN, MN, OH, UT, AL, MS, IA, GA, NV and probably a few states I missed.

In a post above I mentioned states that pre trial was actively working to eliminate bail. I must add New Mexico, Idaho, Washington and Nevada. The groups leading the charge to eliminate are in each and every state in the country pushing to end monetary bail.

If you are in a state that is not listed, don't think you are safe. They are just working quietly behind the scenes and keeping their heads down until one day, up pops a legislative bill to end bail.

The bottom line of the one day meeting is, if you are in the bail bond business and want to continue at it, you need to:

1) Contact your state association and find out what is going on. If they say nothing then you better do your own research because it is!
2) Go to the ABC website and research what has happened in NJ and NM and where the bail reformers and hitting now. http://www.americanbailcoalition.org/
3) Get your fellow agents educated and also your surety.
4) Finally, be ready with a backup plan B. As Scott stated many of us were warning you for years and we were ignored. I was screaming "fire" in CA for at least 6 years. Now bail reform is burning down our house and we are trying to put it out by spitting on it.
Sorry but it is too late in my opinion for CA.

Author:  speezack [ Sun 03 Dec 2017 09:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: NABBI ?

What is going on with NABBI????

The site is still up... I have not paid dues and will not... as far as I know, no one else is paying dues... or paying to keep the website up and running... so..............how is it still there???

I see others trying to establish an association of bondsmen, recovery agents, PI's and others involved with this industry.............. all to apparent no avail???

Why do we even try.............. having spent a lot of money (personal) with no progress... and others here have done the same................. so.............. what gives???

I'm just curious who is involved, who is paying the website fee... who is still active in this group... who, who, who?????

and as for this site.............. FRN??? what gives with this???

Is Phil still around... I am assuming he is still working this and keeping it up and running but who is even active on this now................

Are any of the old crew still working... other than me and Dave, Bill, Scott, Luvonda...and a few others???

How bout Dave Martz... is he still around... I know he was sick and having a rough time... and others... fill me in people.................................

Hell, I'm still here... older, slower, but still working the deal......................... I know Scott and Bill are still around..................... ????????????????????????????

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