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Holser retention systems and sloppy research
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Author:  SURETYRISKMANAGEMENT [ Fri 20 Feb 2015 14:09 ]
Post subject:  Holser retention systems and sloppy research

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Author:  speezack [ Fri 20 Feb 2015 18:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: Holser retention systems and sloppy research

All I carry are IWB... usually soft leather of even soft nylon...

The only holsters I have that are OWB... are the hard plastic types of varied brand names... used only when I participate in tactical shoots ... which is not very often... like IDPA (a very good organization)

I do have a couple of shoulder holsters but don't normally carry that way either... and most of the weapons I do carry concealed are of the compact or sub-compact type... which are usually quite small, thin and easily concealed... only drawback I have found is that if you have a medium to large caliber in a small light package... you need to be prepared for a rather large recoil... and shoot it often to get used to it...

I will say this however.... as I have numerous times... if you ever have to draw and fire your weapon in a bad situation ... probably the last thing you will be aware of... is the recoil of the weapon... you probably will not be aware of how many times you pull the trigger... unless of course you are a highly trained LE officer or someone with much training... those of us that practice periodically, even though we may carry all the time (as I do).. will never really become totally proficient in firing our weapons... we just have to try and stay on top with as much practice as possible.

I am a fairly good shot.... I have jokingly said... "I can hit a pack of cigarettes at 10 steps"... but then... I have never been attacked by a pack of cigarettes...

Practice often, so you do at least know how to shoot... the major problem is that most of us "regular people" have never been in a situation that would warrant us to use our weapon in self defense... we can only try to be prepared.... that's about all any of us can do............................... 8)

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